Quotation Form is a feature given by CoalShastra. Once the complete negotiation process between a buyer and seller is over, the buyer can ask the seller to formally mention the complete details and send to the buyer for acceptance. This feature helps in avoiding any disputes arising due to mis-communication.
Yes, we absolutely recommend users registered with us to demand/send a completely filled quotation form once all the negotiations between the two parties has been done, for the following reasons: 1. To clearly mention all the details of the deal in one place, to avoid any disputes later. 2. Once a quotation form is accepted by a buyer, CoalShastra records it as a deal and only then will the users be able to rate each other.
CoalShastra performs a basic check on all its registered users. However we strongly recommend our users to cross-verify their counterparts thoroughly before concluding a deal. For more details you can reads our Terms of Use.
No, right now Coalshatsra does not charge any form of brokerage fees from either buyer or supplier.
No. A user needs to first register and then be logged in to submit their RFQ.
No. Once the user has submitted a RFQ, it cannot be modified. It can only be deleted.
Validity of the RFQ depends on the preferred dates of delivery as mentioned by the user. After a fixed number of days from the last preferred delivery date the RFQ expires automatically.