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Indonesia March Coal Exports Hit Record

Source: Pixabay, May 15, 2019

Coal-rich Indonesia exported 41.98 million tonnes of coal in March, hitting a record high since January 2015, showed data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia.

The March exports increased 10.4% from the preceding year and 22.62% from a month earlier, data showed.

Over January-March, Indonesia exported 116 million tonnes of coal in total, increasing 10% on the year.

In March, Indonesia exported 30.85 million tonnes of thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal), rising 18.71% on the year and 19.68% month on month. The value of thermal coal exports stood at $1.55 billion. That translates into an average price of $50.29/t.

Coking coal exports stood at 2.08 million tonnes in March, slumping 52.22% year on year but rising 59.04% month on month, with value totaling $191 million. That translates into average price of $91.96/t.

Lignite exports reached 9.05 million tonnes in the month, increasing 17.77% from the preceding year and 36.05% month on month, with value of $292 million, equaling average price of $32.28/t.

Value of the exports stood at $2.04 billion in March, down 8.48% year on year but up 26.01% month on month.

News Source: SX Coal